Coaches Report Green Xtreme

Preseason Coaches Report Green Xtreme

From: Coach V, Team: Green Xtreme


You're email could not have come at better moment. I am 2nd year 10u and frustrated. I coached my daughter in pinto for the first time and there it began. I really want to have several drills going at once but it is very hard. I have 14 girls, yuck! Seven are 3 year returners and the other seven have NEVER played!  I would love to work more with the returners and my other coach work with the others on catching and throwing techniques. Hopefully with time change, this can happen.

I was so excited to get your email. I feel more confident as a coach and the pointers that I now have thanks to you, make my season a lot easier now. I truly love softball. Our season was not so good last year. We only won 2 games, one by forfeit. I really want to do better this season. I plan on implementing all of the drills that I received from you. Thanks again, for all the info. I have printed and made copies for the other softball coaches.

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