A Great Tool for Softball Practice - A Tennis Ball Shooter

We utilize a tennis ball shooter for a number of fastpitch softball drills

We utilize a tennis ball shooter for a number of fastpitch softball drills.  The GREATNESS of using a tennis ball machine is the safety factor.  No matter what  happens, there is just no way for a tennis ball to cause an injury.  What’s important to understand, is the girls know this as well.  Therefore, they can train and develop good habits without fear of being hit or hurt by a hard ball. 


Some of the drills we use the tennis ball machine for include:

1) Ground balls

- correct technique and footwork

- low backhanded catches

- high backhanded catches

- fielding a bouncing ball

- fielding a rolling ball

2) Fly Balls – this is especially good for new players

3) Hitting

4) Bunting

Some of the great features of a tennis ball shooter include:

1) Set the interval for how often a ball is shot

2) It can oscillate to vary where the ball goes

3) Automatic loader/feeder

4) Adjustable speed control

5) Adjustable flight angle

6) Lightweight and Portable

If you are using a drills based practice routine, the tennis ball machine is awesome. In particular, if you utilize a tennis court (as we often do) for a practice field, just set this up at one end of the court and let it shoot ground balls to the girls.

This is definitely a luxury item, and you are going to drop some coin, but it is awesome!

Go Get ‘Em Coach!


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