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Tell me your league has furnished, or you have purchased a Schutt team wheeled equipment bag. I can't imagine lugging around the old style giant potato sack with the shoulder sling. After about 20 steps you have to stop and switch shoulders so you don't get a permanent strap mark, and with every step the thing is hitting against the back of your legs so you can't even walk normal. Oh, they held the equipment alright, but who got to be the mule and lug that thing around...the coach.

It only took a hundred years before someone finally decided to put wheels on the bag so you could pull the darn thing. Aaahhhh, Relief!!! We purchased our wheeled equipment bag just about three years ago and IT IS GREAT!

There is really only one bag on the market that is big enough and sturdy enough to do the job of hauling buckts of balls, a few bats, catchers gear, and other miscellaneous gear. It's the Schutt Team Wheeled Equipment bag, model #SEBWEB. I used to list a few bags, but this one is so clearly the Best of Breed I have deleted the rest from this page.

For the record, the Shutt equipment bag is the one we use. Picked it up at the beginning of 2006 and 500 games later it's still going strong. No complaints on my part.

BE SURE to get the bag with WHEELS.


Schutt wheeled equipment bag. 35x25x19 #SEBWEB - 16625 cubic inches


Good Luck and Go Get 'em Coach!!!



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