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Streams of Income


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This is very off topic, but it’s something I feel very passionate about and feel compelled to share with family, friends, and those who aren’t on the Forbes Riches people  list.

Over the past 2-3 years I have set out to develop passive streams of income. Trying to work smarter and not harder. I already own a “regular” business and quite frankly I just can't imagine starting another.  Too many gray hairs as it is. Honestly, I can't wait for the day when I can sell this one and let someone else have the headaches.


A Stream of Income or NOT so much?

My first venture was to turn a house into a rental house. Let's just say this hasn't been nearly as lucrative as I thought it could be. In fact, it's generally a major pain in the butt! I can't see being a landlord for too many more years, AND FOR SURE not when I retire.  I just can’t imagine being “on call 24/7” in retirement.  In fact, that doesn’t sound like retirement at all, it sounds like WORK.


A Stream of Income that takes a lot of cash to build

Part of the Streams of income plan is to shift  some of my investments to dividend paying stocks when I see one that is particularly attractive. A bit difficult as my overriding investment strategy is to find small growing stocks. A new one I have invested in, and added to, is UVE.  I’m not a professional stock picker so please do your own due diligence before investing.

To see all of my stock picks and read more about Investing, CLICK HERE. To read about Investing Goals and Strategy CLICK HERE. To read how to Grow Wealth 30%-40% annually in the stock market CLICK HERE.

  And let's just say I'm a long way from having enough dividend income to retire. But it is GROWING and it is an integral piece of the puzzle. Get 2 weeks FREE


UNLIMITED Streams of Income

But what I'm really EXCITED about is this web site which I put together this past Jan & Feb.  I now spend about 1 hour per week messing with it. My home page went live on Jan. 29, 2007. I just calculated all of the earnings on a monthly basis. Of course the first couple of months there wasn't anything on the site that allowed for any earnings. I finally added Google adsense and several affiliate links in late March.  So I get paid from four or five different sources.


January - $0

February - $0

March - $11.92

April - $66.39

May - $96.23

June - $179.73

July - $221.41

UPDDATE - November approached $500

UPDATE for 2008 - Running between $350 - $700 monthly


A pretty nice trend, increasing over $50 per month.  That's why I get excited about it. I can't wait to see where it is 6 months from now or 3 years from now. The GREATNESS is that the work has been done, and now it will pay me from now on. Based on some research I did, I believe it can eventually obtain an income level of about $4500.00 per month but there is no way to know for sure. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? A simple little web site about girls fastpitch softball could pay me $4500 per month through all of my retirement years!!!


So, I am now developing concepts for my 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th web sites. 5 years from now, I believe I can figure out how to live on $22,500 per month (5 sites earning $4500 each) and only work about 5 hours per week editing a few web pages. Also, I've had my daughters start working on a web site for themselves. By the time they graduate high school they could well have an income of over $4000 per month.


I would have never believed it to be possible. With no products to sell, no customers to please, no phone calls to answer, that a web site could generate that kind of income. But I feel like I'm watching it happen right before my eyes.


I would highly recommend to everyone that they should own their own website. I finally got my first Google check the other day. I just laughed and shook my head. Google sending me money. LIFE IS GOOD.  I took my checks to the bank the other day, and told the teller, “Do you want to see something really cool?  Look at who those checks are from.”  She said, “Google and CJ, how do you get money from Google?”  And I said, “Crazy, isn't it.”


If you want to know about the software and system that I use, just click on the this link Visit the Solo Build It! home page. and it will take you to an introduction page and explain how easy the entire process is.  Trust me, if it wasn’t relatively simple, I could have never done it on my own.  I’m certainly not a computer wizard and, in fact, I’m very much a novice with computers.


If you are like I was in the beginning, you are thinking that you don’t have anything to sell.  Guess what, neither do I.  Check my site all you want, and you will find there isn’t one thing for sale on my site.  No shopping cart, nothing.  No products to ship, no inventory, no returns, no customer complaints.  This site is based purely on information.


I apologize for my over-exuberence. I just see the miracle of the internet starting to financially unfold for me and I earnestly want to share it with everyone. What a wonderful way to a much better lifestyle than pounding the street every day doing that 8:00 to 5:00 routine.

Visit the Solo Build It! home page.

If you want to learn more specifically why I chose this software just CLICK HERE.

Good Luck to all.

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