The StatMaster was designed to be the most comprehensive baseball or softball batting stats iPhone App on the market.

Don’t you ALWAYS want to know what your kid’s batting average is? And slugging percentage? How about knowing how many time they strike out looking, strike out swinging, ground out, pop out, fly out, or line out? How about knowing their RBIs or runs scored or stolen bases? How does your kid bat against righties, lefties, or with two outs? And where are they hitting the ball for singles, extra base hits, or outs? Want to know how your child did this tournament versus the last tournament, or this season versus last season, or how about a set of Career statistics?

Now you can track all of that and more with the mighty StatMaster from Coach Jim. It keeps 36 different offensive stats for cumulative totals, or versus righties, lefties, or with two outs.

The StatMaster is so simple to use. Initially you will set up your player, then input a season (I suggest something generic like Spring 2011). Then you will input a tournament and finally input a game opponent. Some of you may not play tournament ball. That’s okay. Think of the Tournament feature as a grouping mechanism. You could call your tournament First Half Season and track all the games for the first half of your season. Then have a tournament called Second Half Season and track all your games in the second half as a tournament. This will allow you to compare how your child did the first half versus the second half. If you do play tournament ball then you will really enjoy the tournament feature by comparing one tournament to another.

Finally, you get to the actual recording of offensive stats. Just tap the button that says “Add Offensive Stat”. It will then take you to a screen where you will enter the inning, Right or Left handed pitcher, the situation such as if runners are on base (need this to track stats for when runners are in scoring position – RISP), and number of outs (so you can track two out batting stats).

Next you will select either “At Bat” or “Pinch Runner”. Your child could be put into a game as a pinch runner and we want to keep track of stolen bases and runs scored.

The next choice is either “Reached Base” or “Out”. Tap which one of these occurred and then tap “Next” in the upper right corner of the screen. The screen will then change and take you to the appropriate screen where you can record what happened during the At Bat. The next screen is a Spray Hitting Chart. Just tap on the field where the ball was hit and then hit Next. You will then be asked if there were any RBIs. Just tap the appropriate number, 0 – 4, and tap next. The final screen the tracks stolen bases by base, caught stealing by base, and at the bottom it will ask if your child scored. Then hit done and it will take you back to the “At Bats” screen where you can record your slugger’s next at bat.

When you are ready to see the stats, just tap on the Home Plate. This is where you can switch to the Stats or the Roster to add additional players. In the Stats mode, you will need to pick the player and then you can elect to view Career, Season, Tournament or just Game Stats. This is also where you can select to see the Spray Hitting Chart for the same choices.

What’s really awesome about the StatMaster is you DON’T HAVE to score the entire game. Score your child then go get some nachos, go to the bathroom, visit with other parents, SHOW OTHER PARENTS THE GREATNESS OF THE STATMASTER, or just sit back and enjoy the rest of the game.

Believe me, as a coach I know the quickest way to make 12 parents scatter is to walk out of the dugout and ask “Who wants to keep score?” Nobody wants to be tied to every pitch. But EVERYBODY wants to know their kids batting stats.

Stat Master - Coach Jim

The StatMaster is currently only available in iTunes. You are going to love it! Just CLICK on the App Store logo to get yours today.

Stat Master - Coach Jim

A quick footnote, you must be running ios 4.0 or higher for the App to run. You may want to sync your iPhone or iTouch to be sure you are running the newest version.

Go Get 'em, Coach

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