Softball Training - Agility, Coordination & SPEED

Softball training for speed, coordination and agility are often overlooked by many coaches. The common misbelief is that since you only have the players for one or two practices a week that there just isn't time or you won't see the benefit. BUT, that's just not true, especially if you run a drills based practice. It's very easy to make one of the stations the Agility station.

Once you understand the importance of speed, quickness, and agility in the game of softball, you should also understand that training for those skills is vital. We incorporate some form of this training into almost every practice. Understand that softball is a game of short bursts of speed, such as moving on contact, having a quick first step to a hit ball, and pivoting to make a throw or a tag.

Below are a few good videos that demonstrate some very simple speed and agility drills that you can easily incorporate into your softball training program. Take a minute and see what you can add to your drills based softball practice. Be sure to take note of the different footwork drills used in each video.

By the way, you can even make jumping rope a homework assignment for your players. Tell them you want 10 minutes every day and give them specific jumps, such as left foot only, right foot only, how many they can jump without missing forwards and backwards, how many jumps in one minute, etc.

Q: How do I define "Slow" in softball? A: An OUT!

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Go Get 'Em Coach!

P.S. This is also a great little workout for the coaches. That's right, be sure to take your turn through the agility ladder and spend a few minutes with the jump rope yourself. There is NOTHING wrong with having a fit and energized coach.

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