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The softball game stats software from TurboStats brings the information age to your fastpitch softball team. We have just purchased the software this year, but have had access to it periodically the past few years. After drooling over the information it provides, we finally had to break down and buy it this year.

The softball game stats software will track all of your pitching statistics, from balls and strikes, to batting average off your pitcher, to e.r.a., and on and on. WOW!!! It will give you cumulative, measurable information regarding each of your pitchers, which will assist you in determining your pitcher’s strengths and weaknesses.

This essential softball coaching tool also covers all of your hitting statistics as well, including spray charting to better educate the coach about each individual hitter’s strengths and weaknesses. Quit guessing as to who has the highest on base percentage or the highest walk ratio. Let TurboStats do all of the work for you.

Better yet, use the softball game stats software to scout other fastpitch softball teams. Then before you play that team, pull up your scouting report. Does their leadoff hitter typically hit to the opposite field? Maybe you want to position your players to where she hits, or maybe you want your pitcher to jam her inside and force her out of her comfort zone.

To purchase the softball game stats software looks like it will cost anywhere from about $60.00 to $150.00 depending on exactly what you order and if you get both the Palm version and/or Laptop version. Plus you may find yourself buying a PDA or laptop to take to the softball field.

How many games will the softball game stats software information WIN for you? Maybe a lot of games if you are unwittingly putting together a weak batting order, or pitching the wrong pitcher. What if all it does is put your defense in the right position to make the final out in the Championship game?

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend purchasing TurboStats if you are still coaching an 8U league team. However, if you are coaching an 8U Tournament team or above, or coaching a 10U league team or above, I think you as the coach will greatly benefit from the information.

So here we are in the information age, and we all know that knowledge is power, so the choice is yours. Do you want the information to have the knowledge to be a powerful fastpitch softball team?

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Go get ‘em coach!


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