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Submit your MSC (mysoftballcoach) Coaches Report and tell the MSC fastpitch softball universe how your team is doing.

We will add your team to this page and create a page just for you.

Give a pre-season analysis on your team.

How did your softball team do last year? (Be honest, what was your record last year and in what place did you finish.)

How do you think your team will do this year?

Have you made the switch to a drills-based practice?

Have you started using a stopwatch at practice and what did you learn?

Once your fastpitch season starts, tell us how your team is doing. Wins, losses, scores, great plays, your standings, and give a brief synopsis of how that weeks game went.

Please include your softball team name, your state, and the age division you are playing in. Give yourself a nickname such as Coach Tom or Coach Smith, but do not make it your full name such as Coach Tom Smith. You can also include the url address to your teams web site or your fastpitch league's web site. reserves the sole discretion and rights to the information published on the web site. In other words, nothing weird, abusive, foul, or irrelevant will be published.

How to submit your Coaches Report:

Email to:

Subject Line: Your nickname, team name, Age group, State

Message: Your report will not publish your email address nor will we make any of your information available to other parties. HATES SPAM and believes our readers also despise spam. We will make every reasonable effort to protect your privacy.


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