If You Are Ready To Play Softball, Serious Softball, You Need Offense To Win

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If you are ready to play softball, serious softball, WINNING fastpitch softball, you have to learn how to score runs consistently. Sounds simple, doesn’t it. Granted, if you are playing 8U league softball, scoring runs isn’t all that difficult, but you still have to outscore the other team. And if you are playing tournament fastpitch softball or high school softball, you know that scoring runs can be very difficult.

The keys to scoring runs in fastpitch softball are:

You must have a plan

You must be diverse

You must be well trained

To score consistently, it’s very important that all of your softball players are fundamentally sound in hitting, bunting, and base running. The way to take your offensive game to the next level is drills, drills, drills. If you are running an old fashioned batting practice where the coach throws about 10 pitches to each hitter, and the hitters take their turn one at a time, you are ensuring failure come game time. Compare that to organizing a practice where every softball player swings the bat 100 times. Now that’s serious softball.

If you haven’t taught your players how to bunt, you haven’t taught them to play softball. The short game is a huge weapon in fastpitch softball. You MUST be diverse.

So now that you are ready to play softball, serious softball, WINNING softball, just click on a topic below to get started.

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