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I woke up this morning compelled to share how and why I published my web site, mysoftballcoach.com. So, here is a brief history of my experience and how I hope it helps you.

My softball league vice president started talking to me about putting on a coaching clinic for the coaches in our league. And that's when it hit me that I should put this information out for everyone to benefit from. So now my web site, is my ongoing coaches clinic. I'm not sure what makes someone an expert softball coach, and I don't consider myself to be an expert, just VERY experienced. For instance, I have coached in over 500 games and will exceed the 600 mark later this year. I guess a college coach would be an expert, but his information isn't really relevant to someone coaching 10 year olds. Maybe a high school coach is an expert. A typical high school only plays about 25-40 games per year, which means he will have to coach 10-25 years to have coached as many games as me. If you have read some of the other articles you can learn how well my teams have done. We have never reached the pinnacle of the state championship and probably never will. But we've also never recruited a player. All of the girls on my team have come straight out of our league. There is no fee to play on my team, we've never held tryouts and we have never cut a player from the roster. The 2 or 3 teams that usually beat us out in the state tournament have tryouts at least twice per year and charge in the neighborhood of $1000 or more to be on their team. Honestly, I'm not as impressed with their coaches as I am with their ability to recruit talent.

My philosophy on coaching is to remain positive and encouraging. Have you ever seen a player getting absolutely dressed down by their coach while she is still on the field? I DESPISE that! Are coaches allowed to yell instruction to their players on the field? Absolutely. Are coaches allowed to yell things like, "What were you thinking?" Absolutely NOT! Public humiliation of any player at any age is not acceptable. If your style of coaching is to intimidate players, you need to step down and let a real coach take over. A real coach doesn't feel the need to bully or mentally abuse girls.

It's my view that girls tend to be "pleasers". They want to perform at a level that pleases their parents and their coaches. The minute they believe they aren't pleasing those people, they really don't want to play. So the best method to get the most from your players is to let them know you see how hard they are trying and that your really appreciate their effort. I would bet not many of you have tried this approach. Try it for just one season and see how the entire atmosphere of the team changes for the positive.

When it's time to coach a player, do it with a real coaches heart and with the right intentions. Talk to her in a very calm voice and go over what she did and what you would like to see her do next time. Explain to her how and why it is better to do it another way. You might be surprised at how quickly she accepts the new way.

Now, this isn't to say that there is never a time for discipline or a time for running laps. We have generally explained to our players what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. They know if they do something that is not acceptable what the consequences will be. For example, if a player drops a fly ball but was using the proper technique, it's okay. However, if she wasn't using two hands and she drops it, then she is going to run.

Coaching and discipline are expected from coach. Verbal abuse has no place in dealing with children and it will NOT give you the long term results that you are looking for. It may work short term, but the long term affect may be that you just ended a girl's softball career.

Good Luck and Go Get 'em Coach!!!

For my friend, Steve, who wanted to know how I built this site. Here is a text link that will take you to the software and support that I use. Build a successful website on your passion.

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