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Magnetic LineUp Board

The "Coacher" magnetic lineup board is like having another assistant coach in the dugout. How often, as a coach, have you been asked, "where am I batting" and "what position"? If you don’t have an easy to read line-up posted in the dugout you are hurting yourself, your players, and subsequently your team by allowing yourself and the team to be distracted from the game. Let’s face it, it’s information that you want to have ready access to, and you want your players to have ready access to as well. So why are you keeping this vital information on a scratch piece of paper or on a carbon copy that is barely legible?

The magnetic lineup board is about 8.5" x 14" and consists of a diagram of the softball field on the top, positions for a batting order on the bottom, and a hook so it can be easily hung in the dugout for everyone to see. You simply place magnets with the player’s names in the position on the diagram that they will be playing. If you will be subbing in to a position you can go ahead and put the sub’s magnetic above or below the starter’s magnet. The same is true with the batting order. If you know you will be subbing in for a hitter just put the sub’s magnet next to the starter’s magnet.

The real beauty to a magnetic lineup board is before the game has started when you are putting together your game strategy. After making your initial batting order it’s very easy to adjust for who’s hot and who’s not, or if you need a bunter in the second or third position, and if you change the batting order will that change who you want to play on defense and where you can make those changes. What you used to have to envision in your mind you can now see on the board, both offensively and defensively. It let’s you create your game strategy prior to the game. It’s called HAVING A PLAN.

Hey Coach, Listen Up

The decisions you make in determining your lineup WILL AFFECT the outcome of the game. Once the game has started there’s not much opportunity to correct a poor batting order. Sometimes it’s easy to put together a line up. Other times, we’ve spent 10 or 15 minutes maneuvering players around on our magnetic lineup board to assess the strengths and weaknesses and determining what we needed for the upcoming game. I can’t imagine going through this exercise with paper and pen.

Whether your fastpitch softball team is a beginning team or a highly skilled tournament softball team, putting your players in the right positions, building the best batting order, and having a plan for your substitutions, will decide the outcome of many fastpitch softball games. A magnetic lineup board costs about $28.00. Twenty dollars is a cheap investment to KNOW that you have given your team their best opportunity to win. Hey, it’s worth the twenty bucks just not to have to answer the question "who do I bat after" 500 times during the season. A Coacher magnetic lineup board truly is an essential coaching tool and a required piece of fastpitch softball equipment. By the way, Easton has their version of a lineup board that is measurably inferior. Don't waste your money on it. If I thought they were the same or similar I would recommend both, but I'm not even going to put a link for the Easton product.

Here is a link to the coacher board: .

Go get ‘em coach!


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