Jugs Pitching Machine Review

When you take the plunge and purchase your own Jugs pitching machine, it will revolutionize your practices

When you take the plunge and purchase your own Jugs pitching machine, it will revolutionize your practices.  Jugs dominates this market and for good reason.  The simple design, relative portability, and relative affordability, allows virtually any team to purchase their own machine.  The Jugs products are very accurate, are almost maintenance free, and are incredibly reliable.

Regarding batting practice, the overwhelming reason to use a Jugs softball pitching machine is the low release point.  Baseball pitching machines have a release point about 5 feet high, however, the softball machine has a release point at about 3 feet.  So the trajectory is the same as what your players will see from a live pitcher.

The Jugs Jr. throws up to 55 miles per hour or the original Jugs machine throws up to 70 miles per hour. 

Are you ready to have GREAT outfielders?  DUDE!, the Jugs pitching machines are PERFECT for outfield practice.  You can shoot fly-balls, line-drives, one hoppers, balls to the gap, and any other type hit you want to practice.  The wheel can be locked into position to shoot to the same location repeatedly, or just loosen a screw and the wheel can pivot so balls can be shot to anywhere in the outfield.

The cons to the Jugs pitching machines are:

- They require electricity which may limit where you can practice.

- Does not come with an automatic feeder, although I believe it can be purchased as an option

- Weighs about 75 pounds (to move it, just flip it upside down and roll it on its wheel)

- A little pricey for an individual team (think fundraiser or team garage sale).

If you are ready to start dominating your league, or if you have any aspirations of playing tournament softball, a Jugs pitching machine will take you to that next level.

I have done an exhaustive search on the internet to find the best price and found that $1149.00 was the lowest price for a Jugs Jr. Pitching Machine. Click HERE to purchase from Softball.com. When the page opens just type "jugs softball" into their little search box.

Here is a demo video I found on youtube that demonstrates how to use the machine.

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