Jugs Lite Flight Pitching Machine Review

The Jugs Lite Flight pitching machine is not among my favorites

The Jugs Lite Flight pitching machine is not among my favorites.  I will say that it can be a handy little tool in a backyard or in some indoor settings due to the limited flight of the foam balls.  It is also very lightweight and therefore very portable.

On the negative side, it just doesn’t seem to get the job done in a true softball setting.  First, because it uses foam balls it’s usefulness outdoors is limited due to the effect wind has on the balls.  Next, it doesn’t pitch a ball the length of pitcher’s circle to home so it’s not giving your players a “live” experience.  Third, I can’t think of any other drills this machine would enhance.


Finally, I’ve found the pricing to range from $369.00 to about $429.00.  That’s over twice as much as the Louisville Slugger pitching machine and a third of what a full blown Jugs softball pitching machine would cost.


Unless your practice area demands the use of limited space, most teams would be far better off with a different machine.  We bought our Jugs Lite Flight pitching machine when our girls were 9 years old and used it maybe 3 or 4 times before deciding it just wasn’t beneficial.  The best part of the purchase was getting the foam balls.  We use foam balls in several hitting drills.


Again, for constrained indoor areas or for backyard use it might be perfect, but anywhere else…not so much. To purchase Click HERE to purchase from Softball.com. When the page opens just type "jugs pitching" into their little search box.

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