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Creating Passive Streams of Income

Investing in the stock market is something I do and something EVERYONE should do. DON’T FREAK OUT and think you’re about to get scammed. I AM NOT trying to sell you anything. I am just passing along my experience to my readers to benefit from. You can read it, learn from it, dismiss it, or investigate further for yourself. I have nothing to gain or lose from your actions.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed stockbroker and any opinions expressed on this page are mine alone and are not a recommendation to buy or sell certain equities. Any and all individuals should do their own due diligence and form their own opinions before putting any money in any investment vehicle.

With that out of the way, the stock market is one of the best avenues for people to get ahead in life and create passive streams of income. Think about that phrase for a moment…”Passive Streams of Income”. Isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t that what we will all need in retirement? There is only so much time in a day to work to generate money. Therefore, to generate more money we need investment vehicles that work without our direct and constant effort.

When I am not working or coaching softball, I spend a fair amount of time researching stocks and developing my portfolio. My philosophy on buying stocks has evolved over the years and I don’t always follow the same philosophy. My overriding philosophy on investing in stocks is now to find smaller companies with a good track record that pay dividends. It’s the dividends that will create the Passive Income Stream. It’s an awesome thing to own a growing stock that pays you a dividend to hold onto the stock as the company and value of the stock grows.

I have signed up for The Motley Fool Caps board to keep an online record of my stock picks. For an updated listing of stocks that I believe are worth owning, feel free to check out Motley Fool Caps. See the bottom of this page for my Motley Fool information. My ID on Motley Fool is mysoftballcoach. That should be pretty easy to remember.

When you are investigating a stock, be sure to look at a 1 year chart, 5 year chart and a max year chart. I want to see companies that go UP, UP, UP or have some sort of cyclical pattern that is readily identifiable. Don’t be afraid to look at a stock chart. It’s pretty easy to see if a stock goes up, or down, or just bounces around. Take a look at this chart for MFC: MFC Chart by Yahoo

The “D’s” on the chart indicate when a dividend was paid and the “S” indicates when the stock split. The point of looking at this chart is that it doesn’t take a genius to see the stock has gone from about $6 per share in 2000 up to about $40 per share in 2007 and they have paid dividends all along the way.

If you check out my stock picks on Motley Fool, you will see that I have been focusing recently on Insurance related companies and Natural Gas related companies. Think about the insurance business for a moment. In my opinion, the Insurance business is a legalized and endorsed form of stealing. They know their risk, they know their cost of operating, know what they want for their profit margin, factor all of that together and then set rates that will ensure they are profitable. In the meantime, they get to sit on HUGE piles of cash that they invest to make even more profits. Under that assumption, buying stocks in Insurance companies makes a lot of sense.

Here are a few more insurance company charts:

RGA - RGA Chart by Yahoo

UHCO changed to UAM - UAM Chart by Yahoo

Here is my #1 Stock Pick right now:UVE - UVE Summary by Yahoo

ClicK HERE for recent News on UVE.

I think I have found UVE very early on and might get some HUGE returns from it. Plus it is paying a dividend of about 5.5%. Do your own research, but it is my #1 pick.

I use a lot of resources in researching stocks and suggest you should as well. Some of my favorite online resources are The Motley Fool, Yahoo and the Wall Street Journal. The first two are free while the WSJ is subscription based. Get 2 weeks FREE and worth every penny.

As I mentioned on the previous page, EVERYONE should have their own website. One of the reasons I wrote this page on investing is to show that no topic is off limits and that you really shouldn’t put restraints on what you think you can write about. Now, make no mistake about it, I have coached a ton of softball games and have insight and experience in softball that most people will never have (and probably don’t want), but I also have over 20 years of investing experience as well that I may as well share with people. What good is my life experience in investing if I don’t share it with people for others to learn from? You have similar experiences in your life as well and you should share those experiences for others to benefit from. My experience as a Softball coach now generates a few hundred dollars a month just because I share my knowledge with others. Is life GREAT OR WHAT!!!!!!

So here is that link to building a Passive Stream of Income generating website: Visit the Solo Build It! home page.

Good Luck to all. I hope each of you are as wonderfully prosperous with your finances as you are with your Softball Coaching. First Place, play to win, coach it right, use solid strategy that WINS, play hard, invest hard, and above all…ENJOY LIFE.

Now, “Go Get ‘em Coach!”

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