Home Plate Pitching Machine Review

The pros for the Home Plate Pitching Machine are this is the only machine that can throw every pitch. It is programmable so it can throw a fastball, then a curve, then a riser, then a change up, and it can change location and speed with each pitch. As far as teaching your hitters to read pitches and become disciplined at the plate, this is the ultimate device. The cons are that it is very expensive, it’s not very portable, and after heavy usage there are lots of computer boards and parts that will need replacing. We do have one and use it for almost every indoor batting practice. It’s very difficult to give this machine a grade. On one hand, it delivers pitches that no other machine can deliver, on the other hand it’s just so darn expensive. If I had an indoor facility and money was not an issue I would grade this an "A+". If I didn’t have an indoor practice facility and/or money was an issue I would give this an "F".

Plan on somewhere around $3600.00. I would NOT consider buying a used model. Way too many circuit boards and electrical components which could be going bad and could be very costly to replace.

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