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Regardless of age or skill level, a Game Face protective mask for pitchers should be required protective gear. Just because it isn’t required doesn’t mean you can’t require it of your pitchers. We insist that anyone that pitches on our team MUST wear a Game Face.

I found this article very informative.

Pay special attention to the last sentence.


The incidence of sports-related facial trauma in children

Ear, Nose & Throat Journal,  August, 2000  by Stephen W. Perkins,  Steven H. Dayan,  Eric C. Sklarew,  Mark Hamilton,  Gregory S. Bussell

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Taking the hit out of...


We conducted a survey of physician members of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to determine the incidence and nature of facial traumas seen in their practices. We solicited information on the anatomic location of each injury, the severity of the trauma, and whether the injury occurred during a sports activity. According to the responses, 21% of facial fractures and 29% of nasal fractures were experienced by patients aged 17 years and younger who were participating in sports. We believe that many such injuries can be prevented with greater use of protective equipment.


Despite the use of protective gear, the incidence of sports-related facial trauma among children remains significant. In its most recent report, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in 1991 reported that more than 100,000 cases of facial trauma occurred in children younger than 14 years while they participated in sports activities. [1] In private practice, we have found that the number of nasal injuries incurred during youth softball games is surprisingly high, particularly among female pitchers who are hit by a batted ball.



Since you are the coach, odds are pretty good that your daughter is one of the pitchers. What steps are you willing to take to ensure your daughter, or any pitcher on your team, doesn’t take a line drive in the face? How much is that trip to the emergency room going to cost? What will your daughter look like with a broken nose?

A few years back, as a 10U team we were playing against a High School JV team. One of our 10 year old girls hit a shot right back at the pitcher. The pitcher was fortunate to just barely get her head turned enough so that ball glanced off the side of her head just above her ear. She hit the ground hard and everyone rushed onto the field. On a glancing blow, the ball still hit her hard enough to draw blood from her scalp and left a pretty good lump. Thank heavens she was okay. But realize, we are talking about a 14 year old being hit by a 10 year old. So don't think it can't happen to your pitcher.

Watch this video and see for yourself just how SUDDEN the ball gets back to a pitcher.

A Game Face is about $40.00. And it’s the best money you will ever spend on softball. As the coach, you are responsible for your players’ safety. Personally, I just can’t imagine letting a pitcher take the mound without a Game Face. It truly is essential fastpitch softball equipment.

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