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It's no secret to have a healthy fastpitch softball league an effective fundraiser is a MUST to offset the cost of insurance, umpires, and equipment. Honestly, I just shake my head when I think about what it actually cost for one girl to play fastpitch softball. League fees, uniform cost, a glove, bat, helmet, bat bag...WOW, it can really add up fast. Through the years I've heard several parents grumble about the cost. The best way to offset the cost is with an effective fundraising campaign.

So far I've found two pretty effective fundraisers. I'm sure there are many more. Candy/Cookie Dough sales and spirit wear sales. Everyone can afford $1 or $2 for a candy bar so they are pretty easy to sell. In fact our league requires each girl to sell two boxes of candy bars or you can buy out for about $50. I found fasttrackfundraising.com online which has a wide variety of programs. Such as candy bars, cookie dough, popcorn, coupons and other items. I would strongly urge you to go to their site and complete their free information request. You might just discover your league could be making more money by essentially doing the same thing but through a different vendor. Personally, I'm drawn to the cookie dough...who doesn't like fresh baked chocolate chunk cookies?! Click here to get your free fundraising kit.

A second source for raising money is spirit wear sales. If you shop around a little, you should be able to purchase 500 t-shirts for less than $4.00. Sell them for $10.00 and you've netted a nifty little profit. The greatness of the t-shirt is that people feel like they are getting something they can and will utilize. Plus they know it's for a good cause and it's a pretty good value.

I would love to hear about other softbal league fundraising success stories. Please email me at coach@mysoftballcoach.com to tell me about your successful fundraisers.

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