Fastpitch Softball Pitching

By a long shot, fastpitch softball pitching is the most difficult skill to master in the sport. It takes countless hours of practice and a level of dedication by the player and parents that is unmatched. Honestly, my daughters gave up on pitching years ago due to the time commitment and the level of frustration involved. Awhile back, I had the opportunity to speak with Team USA's pitching coach. He started the conversation by calling pitchers, "God's Delicate Creatures". So true, So TRUE!

Personally, I think all pitchers should find a private pitching coach. However, knowing that many of you live in rural areas where a pitching coach may not be available or knowing that some simply can't afford the $30-$50 per week lessons, I will attempt to find and post relevant information to help you as much as possible.

Also, if there are any softball pitching coaches that would like to submit drills, please email them to me. If there are any parents of pitchers that would like to relay their unique experience please email me.

Here is a video (co-starring my daughter the catcher) which has 5 pitching warm up drills. Take a look.

Our second video which has to do with Sticking the Landing. Take a look.

The video below, is an informative demo video of the Tight Spin Trainer. I haven't seen another product on the market that compares. The Tight Spin is now available at for $39.99 or softballjunk for $49.99.

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