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Softball - ASA USA Softball DVD:  Fundamentals of Hitting - Softball Hitting Videos

Whether you are coaching a youth fastpitch softball team or just coaching your own daughter, it is IMPERATIVE that you teach the correct fastpitch hitting fundamentals. It's also important to be consistent in your instruction and not to improvise with what you think might work.

The topic of Fastpitch hitting fundamentals could fill a book. In fact, if you search the internet you will find many books on hitting. It's hardly a topic that can be thoroughly covered in a one page article. Right now, I just don't have time to write 50 pages of batting instruction although I plan to in the future as time permits. So for now, let me refer you to the "ASA Fastpitch Hitting Fundamentals" DVD. It is without question The BEST Instructional Hitting Video on the market today. Every Fastpitch coach should own his/her own copy of this ESSENTIAL DVD by Mike Candrea the USA National Team Head Coach. You will refer to this video for the rest of your coaching career and for the rest of your daughter's playing career.

The video is professionally done. The instruction is by Mike Candrea who MUST be considered THE foremost fastpitch softball authority in the U.S. and perhaps the world. It's a step by step instruction and example oriented video and I just can't recommend it highly enough.

Make watching this video one of your practice sessions. Your girls will then realize that it's not just your way of hitting, it's the USA National Team's method of hitting. They can also see examples of what they should look like when striding and swinging. They will also come to understand what you mean when you tell them to keep their hands "inside" the pitch. My suggestion is to schedule watching the video as a practice session, and instead of having rained out practices have them come to your house to watch the video when it rains.

Don't make the mistake of thinking you know more about fastpitch hitting fundamentals than Mike Candrea. I don't care how good of a hitter you were in Little League, you don't know more than Mike, and the odds are pretty strong that you can't teach or coach as well as Mike. Put your ego on the bench and bring in the REAL EXPERT.

Another great benefit of owning the video is that you will be able to coach consistently for years to come. If you consistently coach the same fastpitch hitting fundamentals, through the years your players will become consistent hitters.

Here is a link, one more time, where you can purchase your own copy. If you don't get your own copy, your team will NEVER hit as consistently as they could. The BEST Instructional Hitting Video on the market today. Softball - ASA USA Softball DVD:  Fundamentals of Hitting - Softball Hitting Videos




Above: Hitting the outside pitch.


Video above features Sue Enquist. Towards the bottom of this page are links to her DVDs on Amazon. 

If you prefer to teach the Rotational Hitting style, here is a link to the best ebook I've been able to locate. Rotational Hitting E-Book Click Here! I do believe that the Rotational style offers quite a bit more power than the Linear style of hitting. I do have some concerns about being able to effectively drive the outside pitch, but almost every power hitter I have seen uses the Rotational style of hitting.

Here is a link to a Power Hitting Bat Speed e-book. There is no doubt as you increase bat speed you will increase hitting distance. Click Here! for the Bat Speed e-book.


Other items that are essential to a successful batting practice:

The Jugs Instant Screen: Jugs Instant Screen  -

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(after you click on the link just enter "jugs instant screen" in their little search box)

And my favorite pitching machine that is affordable for almost any team: The Louisville Slugger Blue Flame.

Now, Go Get ‘em Coach.


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