Emask Face Guard

I was recently asked to try out the Emask batting helmet face guard and write a review if I thought it met my criteria as a softball product worthy to share with my readers. Before I continue, let me just say that I get asked to review softball gadgets on a fairly regular basis but most just don't cut it. I WILL NOT recommend subpar products to my readers.

I could give a bunch of details about it being made of the same substance as bullet proof glass, etc., but I'll just say there is little doubt that it does the job of protecting the face at least as good as the metal cage. (Watch the video below for REAL PROOF that it works.)

I find the real test is to see if it will be accepted in the softball world (hey, we all know that fashion counts when it comes to girls softball). So I gave the helmet and mask to my daughter and had her wear it the entire high school season. My daughters comments about the mask (I promise these are her quotes):

"I think it offers more protection because it goes below my chin."

"The helmet was great because it didn't wiggle when I ran."

"It's about as stylish as you can get with a face mask. Way better than the metal."

"All the girls wanted to know where I got it."

"I would definitely pick the Emask over the metal cage."

Okay, there you go. Straight from the 15 year old softball player. What can I add to that...it works and the girls think it looks better.

Now, for proof of reliability watch this video.

OUCH! Being a slap hitter has its drawbacks.

One final note, the coach that asked me to review the Emask was so impressed with the product that he started his own website to promote the product. His site is Fastpitchprotection.com. At his site, you can find the Emask in a variety of colors and you can find a few other softball safety products. This isn't just another online store, it's a softball coach of two teams trying to help the sport by promoting safer gear. As a fellow coach, I hope you will support him and his efforts.

Play to WIN!!!


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