Coaching Fastpitch Softball Successfully Begins with Defense

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Coaching fastpitch softball successfully begins with building a sound defensive team. In this section I will cover the most effective softball training and softball drills that I utilize. I’ll cover infield drills, outfield drills, player positioning strategy and more.

If you are a new coach of a youth fastpitch softball team, you MUST read the articles about 8U Defensive Strategy, 10U Defensive Strategy , and 12U Defensive Strategy. All of the articles are worth reading, but the Defensive Strategy articles are crucial to your overall success. Implementing these fastpitch defensive strategies will make a HUGE difference in your team and your WINNING percentage.

If you are coaching at a higher level you will want to review the drills to pick up something new or remind you of some tried and true drills. Just click on one of the topics below to start your path to playing WINNING fastpitch softball.

8U Defensive Strategy

10U Defensive Strategy

My Practice Field

12U Defensive Strategy

Ground Ball Technique

Defensive Practice Organization

Throwing Drills

Chain Throw

Beginner Fly Ball Drills

Softball Outfield Drill - Intermediate

Fastpitch Outfield Drill - Shoot the Gap

Softball Outfield Practice Drill - Around The World

Softball Outfield Drill - Advanced

Getting the Lead Runner

The Lead Runner Part 2

Throwing Out Runners

Fastpitch Softball Bunt Coverage - Standard

Situational Shortstop Positioning - Common Oversights

A great video for defensive fundamentals is the "Fastpitch Fielding" Video by Judi Garman. I highly reccomend it as a reference tool for all coaches.

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