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Thanks for all your help this year as I followed the tips from your website. Just completed our 8U rec league season. Due to weather cancellations we had all of 4 official practices and yet played 9 games.

I wrote before about the 12-12, 3 inning games we were playing, but we started to improve some on defense. We were starting to win games at 12-9 and such by getting outs. Finally, the last game of the year, played last Saturday, we won 12-0. I could not believe we shut out the other team. Again, this is their coach pitching to them. It took two great unassisted double plays to help our cause.

I hate taking any credit but I believe you when you say it right on your homepage, that at this age, coaching makes a big difference.

The thought is for next year is to try and get at least a "C+-B-" tournament team together with some of our league's kids 7 and 8 year olds to work together starting this fall than waiting until next spring.

Thanks again,

Coach Z


8U Rec



Coach Z-

A SHUTOUT...there must have been magic in the air that day, LOL. In 8U, the goal on offense is to score the max every inning and to hold the other team to less than the max as many innings as possible.

With only 4 practices, I'm surprised at their progress. But it sounds like you got some good work in during those practices.

Coaching is EVERYTHING in 8U, 10U, 12U and beyond. Sure, at Tournament Level Softball you can start to run into dominant pitching and superior athletes, but that is more of the exception than the rule.

I'm very excited to hear you talk about going to tournaments. Even if you take a beating those first few tournaments, (and you probably will) the experience will change you and your players forever.

I have thoroughly enjoyed your updates this year and hope you will keep me updated in this Fall and in the Seasons to come. Congratulations on a very successful year of Softball!

Good Luck and Go Get 'Em!


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