Coach Rich, Dunham Rebels


I'm Coach Rich, This is my first year as a Manager/Head Coach for a girls softball team, I have been an asst coach on the 10u baseball side for the past 4yrs. Our team is the Durham Rebels and we are a 14u team out here in NorCal. I have tried to coach my daughter for the past 4 yrs. but was never picked up even as an asst. I am excited about the opportunity this year but once I found out I made the cut and was named the head coach I started to "freak-out" for lack of a better term. I started researching on-line to learn as much as possible when I found you site. Wow!

Thank you for taking the time away from your family to provide this info and your knowledge to those who want and need it. I am very impressed with your site and have even passed it on to a 2nd yr head coach at the 12u level in our town. I have used so much of the info from your site, I would list it but lets say 90% and the other 10% I haven't gotten to yet, your skills and drills have helped teach the girls and keep the practices fun. I used everything from the 12u sections you have. I especially loved taking the stop watch to practice and base-running. I let them run it their way, then our way and showed the difference! what a way to make a point! Our first game is coming up in 4 days and it's against the top team in the league. My girls are tough and I think ready for the challenge! Our team motto is "Practice like ya play...Hard, Fast and in the Dirt!"

Thank you and I'll keep ya posted!

Coach Rich

ps...The one thing I didn't see on you site and maybe I missed it was how to settle the coach down before the game! I know I am more nervous than the girls are!


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