Coach Lisa, BLAZE, 8U

Fall ball is upon us!! We have formed our teams and I have to say I have a great bunch of girls. This is my first season coaching and I have to say, it's been an interesting experience so far.

We have held 5 practices with 2 to go until opening day this Saturday, September 19th.

I have the oldest (age wise) team in our division with the least experience. Blaze consists of 12 girls, 4 - 9 year olds, 3 - 8 year olds, 3 - year olds, 1 - 6 year old and 1 - 5 year old. Both of my daughters are on the team and between them have 8 seasons experience.

Our challenge seems to be a good defensive strategy. Most of the girls have limited experience and are afraid of the ball. My assistants and I have evaluated the girls and have come up with an infield that is workable. Each practice we have our infield practice repetitive throws to first base. Our first baseman is experienced at this position and is great at coming off the base to catch a wild throw. I keep my outfield busy practicing fielding and relays back to the infield. This seems to take the majority of our time at practice.

We save batting practice for last. During this time I let my least experience batters go first and give them more pitches than my more experienced girls.

My challenge is to make this as fun for the girls while keeping order. I know that after they get their uniforms tonight they are going to be getting excited about opening day. Hopefully, they will always have this level of enthusiasm for the game!!

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