Coach Jason, Thunder, 10U

From Coach Jason of the Thunder

Thanks for the site Coach. I myself am coaching a 10U ASA Jr. Olympic B team again this summer in Roseville, CA ( the Thunder). Your site is very well written and I agree with all that I read. I have spread your link to all the other age division coaches in our league as well. I especially liked your comments on our lovely little coach's kid daughters. Since the first rumblings of coach's kid syndrome started to work their way around the bleachers in 8U I made it a point to keep accurate and extensive stat sheets and make them accessible to all the parents, along with a description of what they are. Most parents have no clue why we coaches love the OB% more than the SLG% or whatever your favorite stat is, so I described my philosophy in detail and I let them see why I set the line up like I do. Since then I have not had any problems with this because we all know, especially softball coaches, the numbers do not lie!

Another thing I have done and had success with keeping it positive out there is to always use nicknames out there. Specifically, nicknames that their parents don't use. I started this with my daughter so she'd know when I yelled "Irish' across the field I was in coach mode not Dad mode. It has been great for all the girls. I'm sure you will agree that we coaches do a lot of yelling out there moving players around the field, I think hearing their softball nicknames rather than their names helps them hear me as a coach and not as a parent that is yelling at them. A soon as Madison hears a male voice booming across the diamond at her yelling MADISONNNN, she is in "why is he yelling at me" mode and not "what is coach saying" mode.

I attached a pic of my daughter "Irish" in case you wanted to put another on your site. I know she'd love to see her image out there in internet land. In this picture she was in the 4th inning of a 6 inning Mid Season Tourney (REC) Championship game win (3 - 0) where she recorded 17 strike outs, 1 HBP, 1 BB and 1 ROE. I tried to explain to her how incredible it was that she was 3 batters away from a perfect game but she just kept telling me how much she loved the t-shirt! Haha, gotta love them kids, right!

Thanks again Coach,


Head Coach

Roseville Thunder 10U

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