Coach C, 8U, Pre-Season Comment

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Coach C, 8U, Pre-Season Comment

I'm loving my new pitching machine!


A little commentary on Coach C from MSC. Last year at the end of the baseball season, a friend talked to me about his son's baseball team and how they had struggled to a 1-12 season but still had one game to go. So I volunteered to coach one practice for them before their final game. In a two hour practice, each boy hit about 40 balls off a hitting tee, 30 balls off the pitching machine, took about 50 ground balls, and about 50 pop flies. Two days later they won their final game of the season against a team that had beaten twice previously.

It wasn't Coach C that I knew, but as it turns out her son was on that team and she had stayed to watch practice, and that is how she came to know me. Just by good fortune she found my web site through a link on her league's web site and came to realize I was the author. Since then, she has printed off the drills and is following the strategies for her 8U daughters softball team.

Good Luck Coach C!!!


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