Fastpitch Drill - Chain Throw

One of my favorite throwing drills is the Chain Throw


One of my favorite throwing drills is the Chain Throw. This drill focuses on throwing longer, throwing to the glove hand side, receiving the ball correctly, and receiving and throwing the ball in one fluid motion.


Line up your girls, with four players to a line, stretching from one foul line to the other.  Make three or four lines depending on how many players you have at practice.  The ball starts at the left field line, is thrown to a player in left-center, then thrown to right-center, then to the right foul line and then the sequence is reversed.  When the ball makes it all the way back to the left foul line, the player drops the ball and all of the players rotate up one position with the girl who started on the left foul line running all the way to the right foul line.  Once all of the players have rotated through each position in the chain the drill is done.


Be sure to have the player receiving a ball focus on catching and turning to her glove hand side to make for a faster and more accurate throw to the next player in the chain. It also teaches the player throwing the ball to throw to her teammate’s glove hand side.

We always run this drill as a race between the lines to teach them the importance of getting rid of the ball quickly. Catch and throw, catch and throw. DON’T catch and HOLD.

Go Get ‘em Coach!

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