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Everyone wants to know which softball bats are best to use. There are several good ones on the market and I have seen some comparisons. So I'll say this, both of my daughters swing a Miken and we have been very pleased. But make no mistake about it, the Anderson RocketTech, Worth Mayhem, Easton Stealth, and Louisville Slugger Catalyst and DeMarini Onyx are all GREAT!

Which is best? All of them. Here is the scoop. All are tested and held to a 20% rule. The ball can NOT come off of the bat faster than 120% of the speed at which it struck the bat under strict testing conditions. (I'm not sure what speed they use in the testing process.) The differences become how it is weighted, balanced or end weighted, and how flexible it is to get a "whip" effect. You will also find some odd numbers like -10, -9, or -8. This number has to do with the length versus weight. For example a 31 inch 21 oz bat would have a -10. My preference is longer and lighter, however if your daughter is tall and lanky you may prefer a more compact bat. My girls aren't very tall, so more length gives them a better chance at reaching the outside pitch.

In the final analysis, I believe you get what you pay for. If you spend $19, don't expect much. And I wouldn't spend my money on a $69 bat either. If you love softball and want your daughter to be successful in her fastpitch softball career, prepare to spend $175 to $275 for a premium fastpitch Softball Bat .

A little commentary on the importance of a good bat.

It’s my opinion that hitting is what will make or break a softball player. Let’s face it, if a player has a ZERO batting average, then she probably won’t play the game very long. The fun part of the game is hitting the ball, getting on base, and scoring runs.

So what's the difference?

To be honest, I haven’t done any official field studies. But I have hit thousands of ground balls and fly balls in practice. I’ve also witnessed numerous girls hitting with good bats and cheap ones. A quality bat puts a noticeable pop in the ball. It could well be the difference in hitting an easy ground ball and hitting it sharp enough to get through the infield. It could also be the difference in hitting a lazy line drive and hitting a ball to the outfield. As the players get older and stronger, it will certainly be the difference in hitting singles versus doubles or triples.

I hear a lot of fathers say they bought the cheaper bat and if it turns out their daughter really enjoys playing the game they may invest in a better one later on. I can understand their thinking since I used to think the same way. At the same time, the decision to go cheap may end up being the deciding factor whether or not the girl falls in love with the game or gets totally turned off by it. What if she had 10 more hits during a season, and turned 10 singles into doubles or triples? How much more fun would this girl have had playing fastpitch softball? A LOT!!

She's NOT Paul Bunyon

Another mistake I see a lot is parents buying a bat that is too big and thinking their daughter will grow into it. In theory, yes, she will grow into it. IF SHE IS STILL PLAYING the game by the time she is big enough to swing it, since you gave her a tree stump to swing instead of a bat that is her size. If the bat is too heavy she will not be an effective hitter and you have destroyed the whole reason you paid top dollar. Get her the size that fits her right now. For comparison sake, my 11 year-old daughter is currently swinging a 21oz which is pushing the weight she should be swinging.

If this seems like a lot of money for softball equipment, it is. But if you want your fastpitch team to be a winning team, you have to score runs. And the best way to score runs is get lots of hits. Will a premium softball bat make that big of a difference for your team? YES! If it seems like too much money, just go back to the parents and tell them everyone needs to chip in $25 towards getting a good Team bat. I would rather have my players swinging a premium softball bat that may be a little to heavy or a little to light rather than swinging a perfectly sized piece of dead lead.

Where can you purchase a premium fastpitch softball bat? Unfortunately not many local Sporting Goods stores can afford to stock the top of the line softball equipment. You are pretty much left with purchasing online. I checked several of the online stores and found and Amazon had the best selection and prices.

Spend the money, raise your team batting average, raise your team slugging percentage, WIN MORE SOFTBALL GAMES. It's that simple.

Now, Go Get 'em Coach!!!


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