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The key to developing your 10U Batting Order Strategy is to know each player's abilities. Are they power hitters, are they fast, are they strike out monsters, can they bunt? You will also need to size up the level of play you will be competing against. Are you playing league ball or tournament softball? For this exercise, we will assume you are playing in a typical 10U Fastpitch League. We will also assume that you bat your roster and that you have 6 strong hitters and 6 weak hitters.

Winning 10U Batting Order Strategy

Be sure to reference the 8U Batting Order Strategy as much of the same basic strategy applies, however, we will get a bit more specific with the 10U strategy. Your goal is to conservatively maximize your run production without creating too much downside risk. We will sprinkle in some weak hitters but continue to keep the strong hitters bunched together.

1. Good Hitter with great speed.

2. Good Hitter with great speed.

It can be a tough choice as to which player bats lead off and this is a critical decision. It has to be a player with enough speed to steal some bases, but more importantly it has to be a player with a very high on base percentage. Your #2 hitter should be very similar to the lead off hitter. Just in case your lead off hitter gets out, you want to have a strong chance of running your strategy with #2 on base.

3. Weak Hitter, Good Bunter, average to slow speed.

At this point, you should have one or two runners on base and they are probably going to be on 2nd and 3rd. So we want #3 to lay a bunt down towards 3rd base. The 3rd baseman now has a decision to make, hold the ball so a run doesn't score or throw to first and let a run score. About 70% of the time they will hold the ball (which is the wrong decision). So what you have accomplished is putting a weak hitter in a great situation to be productive. The result is bases loaded with your #4 and #5 hitters coming to bat with no outs.

4. Best Power Hitter

5. Second Best Power Hitter

We are looking to blow the game open right now. The bases are loaded with #4 and #5 coming to bat. A nice line drive to the outfield and your team grabs all of the momentum.

6. Weak Hitter, Good Bunter

There should be runners on base. So again, we are going to put the pressure on the defense by forcing them to field a ball, make a good decision, and make a good play. You have again put a weak hitter in a great situation to make a play.

7. Good Hitter, slow runner

8. Good Hitter, slow runner

We are looking for #7 and #8 to put the ball in play somewhere and finish our 5 run inning.

9. Weak Hitter (Best Bunter left)

10. Weak Hitter

11. Weak Hitter

12. Weakest Hitter

Don't just give up on these bottom 4 hitters. Determine their abilities and have them hit or bunt, whichever gives them the best chance of putting the ball in play. I'll always take a bunt over a strike out and give the defense a chance to make an error.

Advantages of the Winning 10U Batting Order Strategy

This 10U batting order strategy gives your softball team the best opportunity of having explosive scoring opportunity, put 3 weaker hitters into great bunting situations with runners on base, and thereby extend how far you get through the batting order.

Put some serious thought into your batting order. Know what your players can and can't do at the plate. Have a plan of attack and know why each player is in a particular spot in the batting order. For further help with your preparation you should read the article about the magnetic line up board . It's an awesome coaching tool.

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