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Throughout this site you will find articles related to coaching fastpitch softball, softball training, softball equipment, and softball league strategies. I have dedicated this site to helping softball coaches of all age groups, whether it’s Youth Softball or High School Softball, develop their team into a WINNING team.

Here’s the good news, it’s pretty easy stuff. If you think coaching doesn’t make that big of a difference, then explain how a coach went 93-4-2 over a 5 year period in 8U fastpitch softball.

That’s an impressive record no matter what age you are coaching. And don’t think for a moment that it was talent that led to that record. I’m talking about a team that every year lost half of it’s players to promotion to the older age group and had to pick up 6 or 7 brand new players…typically girls that had never played the game. So how could this one coach pile up 7 straight 1st place finishes and compile a winning percentage of .960%?

It boils down to great coaching. That’s the only possible answer. As players get older it’s certainly true that talent can make a difference. But talent still has to be coached. An athletic player under a poor coach will never achieve her full potential. However, average talent can achieve superior levels under the guidance of a great coach.

I have now coached in over 1,200 girls fastpitch softball games and at levels from 8U beginning league softball to State Tournament medal rounds and most recently 7th place in Nationals.(Update: 2nd In Nationals as a 14U Team) As a 12U team we won a Junior Varsity Invitational tournament (and run ruled 5 of our 7 opponents along the way). We are now taking the opportunity to play High School Varsity teams when the opportunity exists and currently we are 2-0. I only mention this so you know that not only have I been there, I’m there now. The information I will provide you with is relevant today.

I’ve separated this site into several categories: Offensive drills, Defensive drills, Softball Coaching Tools and Equipment Reviews, and Fastpitch Softball League information, Softball Pictures, Coaches Report, Helpful Stores & "Stuff" and Softball Links. So as my fans say to me...

"Go Get ‘em Coach!"

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BRAND NEW: I have just added a new section called "Softball Manager". This section will focus on the off-the-field challenges of coaching fastpitch softball.

Update: Recently added to Essential Tools: Athlete Recipes E-Book, Jugs Toss Machine, Power Hitting E-Book, Youth Speed Training E-Book, Softball Sliding Mat, Jugs Instant Screen, Practice Balls

Update: Recently added to Defensive Strategy: Shortstop Positioning, Softball Outfield Drill - Around the World, Softball Outfield Drill - Advanced, Softball Outfield Drill - Intermediate, Fastpitch Softball Bunt Coverage - Standard

Update: Recently added to Offensive Strategy: 12U Batting Order, Fastpitch Softball Hitting Fundamentals

Update: Recently added to Cool Softball Pics: A very nice leaping Snocone Catch from Matthews Softball Association. Some nice new Pictures from W. Seneca League - Please send your softball pictures to be included.

Update: Recently added to League Resources: Fundraising Ideas

Update: Recently added to Stores I Prefer:

Clearance on Catchers Mitts, Links to Stubhub for NBA & NHL Tickets, Lower Pricing for USA Today's Sports Weekly

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